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Choosing the bracket for bicycle storage

The popularity of bicycles as a sports equipment, vehicle, “iron friend” and entertainment is growing steadily. Now there are more and more fans of bike riding are living in apartments, and, naturally, the question of bike storage comes up. Not everyone has a garage or a spacious storage room, where you can keepthe bicycle for the winter. Therefore, the industry picked up the initiative to provide space without losing the usable area of the apartment, or at least with low losses. For this purpose, the bicycle bracket was designed.

Why was this special device invented?
When there is just one cyclist in the family, it is all right. But, what if there are two, three, four? Where to store the bicycles?

Loggia could work, for example, if it exists, of course. But, putting four bikes there means losing it as an area that can be used for other purposes. There simply will be no free spot left.

But the full list of reasons, for which it was required to invent a special device – a bicycle bracket, is as follows:

1. Savingspace. As mentioned above, even one bicycle takes up a lot of space.
2. Manufacturer’s recommendations. The manual instructions for each bicycle give a recommendation for winter storage, which says that long-term storage assumes a position, in which the tires do not touch the floor. If these rules are not followed, then in the spring, it is more likely you have to buy new rubberfor the wheels.


1. The weight of the bike, although small, but dangerous for the inner tires. Cracks and deformations can occur at the points of contact. The bottom line is the purchase of new tires. It is unacceptable to use the so-called bicycle suspension, if it involves hanging by the wheel, no matter which. The deformation will not keep you waiting. The rim is designed to distribute forces directed from the outside to the center (bushing), but not outward.

2. Vertical storage of bikes equipped with hydraulic assembliesis also not recommended. Actually, it is not critical, if before the first spring ride to pump the braking system. Air pollution occurs due to the outflow of fluid from the front wheel back or vice versa.

3. Storage in the open balcony without window. Some owners do not respect their equipment so much that they are ready to leave it for six months in the severe weather out in the open. It is not necessary after such treatment to hope for the long service of an iron horse and friend. Although such brackets for bicycles on sale, they will bring more harm, than advantage. Here, and temperature changes, and direct sunlight, and precipitation, and dust. And it’s good that now there is an alternative.

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