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E-Sports tournament Conducting format and system

Conducting format and system

6.1 Maximum threshold in the qualifying competition: 32 teams.
6.2 The competition includes one discipline:
• Shooter (name of the game).
6.3 The qualification tournament consists of 8 rounds (double elimination b1) and is held in Online format from (dd/mm/yy) to (dd/mm/yy).
6.4 The purpose of the qualifying competition is to select 8 teams to participate in the Closed Qualifications, and then with invited organizer’s pro-teams.
6.5 The qualifying competitions shall be held according to the following system: Max. 32 teams (double elimination b1)
6.6 All the registered competitors shall appear on the specified dates and times at the qualifying competition site.

6.7 The draw of the preliminaries shall be carried out without prior seeding of the competitors.
6.8 The exact start time of the preliminaries shall be determined 1 day before the start of the stage/round.
6.9 Registration for each qualification tournament opens at 00:00 and closes at 18:59 CET
6.10 Maximum delay to tech loss – 15 minutes, further delay should be agreed with tournament officials.
6.11 Matches that are officially broadcast shall start exclusively on the referee’s command.
6.12 The exact schedule for each round in the final stage will be available after the formation of the tournament grid on the tournament website, at least 10 minutes before the start of each round/stage.

6.13 After the end of the match results are generated automatically, however the tournament administration reserves the right to change the results in the tournament tables before the beginning of the next round (in case of detection of violations) at any time.
6.14 Based on the results of each qualifying round winners are determined, they get a quota to the next rounds.
6.15 In the finals, all matches are played in a group + elimination – bo3 system.
6.16 Exact time and venue of the finals are subject to change, the current planned date for the finals is (dd/mm/yy).
6.17 After 00:00 technical defeats are not awarded (if the opponents agree, it is possible to play, however the organizers’ finish their work at 00:00 CET). Technical defeats are awarded from 19:00 CET on the next day.

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