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E-Sports tournament Matches conduction and game maps

Matches conduction and game maps

5.1 The team leaders undertake to read the “How to play” section and the current regulations, and to convey all necessary information to each team member before the start of the competition.
5.2 Two teams of 5 players each take part in the match. A lobby on the website will be formed in the “Matches” section, where all competitors need to enter according to the schedule and confirm readiness by clicking on the “Ready to Play” button.
5.3 Competitions take place on the maps (name of the maps)

5.3.1 Once a map has been defined, the system automatically sets up the game server. Players have to press the button “connect to a server” and write “!ready” or “!r” on a game server in a chat to start a match not later than in 5 minutes after game server assignment.
5.3.2 The maximum allowed time of the match start delay is 15 minutes after the start of the current round.
5.4 The playing maps are determined by the crossing out method in the lobby on the tournament website in the section “My Matches”. The order of crossing out is at first determined by a random value, the first to cross out is chosen by the team that applied for participation in the tournament earlier.
5.5 A timeout (pause) limit for each game is set for 2 (two) minutes. The participant puts a pause (by writing in a chat !pause) at the end of a round.
5.5.1 If after 5 (five) minutes pause a participant of the team has not returned to the server, the team can continue the game with four players, with the fifth one entering the server within 5 minutes, at any moment of the game. If a team refuses
to continue the game with four players – the team will suffer a technical defeat in the match.

5.6 A team has the right to substitute a maximum of 3 players during all stages. A substitute player may be approved only if he/she has not taken part in the given competition for other teams.
5.6.1 A request for a substitute competitor must be sent via Live Chat to the operator on the (tournament website bottom left)
5.6.2 Failure to appear in 2 (two) or more consecutive matches results in a technical defeat for all matches, including the already played matches. If more than half of the matches have been played, a technical defeat is awarded in the remaining matches. If less than half of the games have been played, the technical defeat is awarded in all matches, including the matches already played.
5.7 At the end of the first period (15 rounds), the teams change sides automatically.
5.8 If a team gets 16 rounds in a game in the first two rounds, it wins the game.
5.8.1 If at the end of 2 (two) periods the teams have an equal number of rounds won, 2 (two) additional periods (overtime) of 3 rounds each are scheduled. In case of a draw after two overtimes, two additional overtimes will be scheduled, and so on until the winner of the game is determined.
5.8.2 Replays of games (demos) are automatically written and attached to the matches played.

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