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E-Sports tournament Technical rules and regulations

1. General information and registration of the participants
2. Participants of the Competition. The contestants’ rights and obligations
3. The Competition officials
4. Game and game server settings
5. Matches conduction and game maps
6. Conducting format and system
7. Communication with the competition officials. Refereeing
8. Tournament anti-cheat
9. Bans and restrictions
10. Game account
11. POV records (demos)
12. Technical issues

1. General information and registration of the participants

1.1 Competitors must comply with these rules as well as the requirements of the competition Regulations.
1.2. Game version: licensed, latest published on Steam.
1.3. A contestant is obliged to use the same licensed game account and the same game nickname. A contestant may only take part in the competition as a member of the same team. Multi-accounting is forbidden. Any activity aimed at transferring the game account to a third party is forbidden. The contestant is obliged to inform the organizer about all changes immediately.
1.4 The minimum age of the competitors is 16 years. The age is established at the date of the first game of the tournament.
1.5 Foreign competitors, both men and women, can take part in the tournament.
1.6 To register a team all participants should be logged in on the tournament website by clicking the button “Login via Steam”.
1.7 Any team member can register his team.
1.8 Maximum number of players per team: 8 (5 main players + 3 substitutes)

2. Participants of the Competition. The contestants’ rights and obligations

2.1. Competitors or groups of competitors (teams) who submit the Competition Application Form, approved by the organizer’s representatives in accordance with the established procedure, are regarded as participants of the Competition.
2.2. The official language of the Competition is English. The competitors who have no command of English are entitled, if necessary, to use the services of an interpreter at their own expense.
2.3. Competitors are obliged to adhere to the generally accepted norms of the Competition, towards spectators, representatives of the press and other competitors.
2.4 Competitors are obliged to observe the principles of sportsmanship and fair play.
2.5. It is forbidden to exert illegal influence on the results of the Competition matches.
2.6 In case of force majeure, which will prevent a contestant from participating in the main stage and/or finals of the Competition, he/she should immediately inform the organizers about it.
2.7 In case of deliberate insults, as well as boorish, humiliating single statements, not containing foul words, the administration has the right to penalize the team by issuing a technical defeat or withdrawal from the tournament.

3. The Competition officials

3.1 In order to organize, conduct and supervise the Competition, the Competition Organizers form the Competition Organizing Committee.
3.2 Decisions of the Organizing Committee are binding for all the competitors as well as for the Competition officials.
3.3 Competition officiating is organized by the Competition administration consisting of the officials approved by the Organizing Committee. Rights, duties and order of formation are approved by the Organizing Committee.
3.4 The Competition is organized in accordance with the Competition regulations. All of the Competition officials must be aware of and comply with the normative documents of the Competition.

4. Game and game server settings

4.1 All tournament servers use the configuration file (name of configuration and link). Game settings are made according to this configuration.
4.2 Game servers have (your number) tick rate.

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