Bonuses betting is (part 2)

10Points earned can then be exchanged for prizes at the bookmaker. But to get a prize, you must be an active player and daily bookmaker betting.
To display the bonus money from the office to their first win. Usually they have to be put down 10-30, but only after that you can print them. You can try to clear the bonus in-house, but usually after so many bet nothing of it remains.
One of the best and fastest ways to wager in the bookmakers are betting on the fork. After registering in the office and receive the bonus, you must find the events of the plug on the other office. Make a return rate on the full amount of the bonus, and wait for the result. If you win in the office that did not give bonus, all your bonus will go into it, and you can safely withdraw money. If not, you need to repeat the procedure as long as the amount of the bonus will not move to the balance of the other bookmaker.
In recent years, many foreign bookmakers refuse to give bonuses to customers from the CIS, this is due precisely to the fact that most of the players from the former Soviet Union are recorded only to clear the bonus and take it to the purse. However, as yet there are resources where you can get a bonus to spend an exciting time for the game and have to get «real» money in your wallet.

PRINCIPLE of bookmakers (part 2)

9Draw a conclusion.
So what is a bookmaker? This is called the Golf betting and betting on sports events.
Let’s look at the profit bookmaker example a football match between the «Inter» and «CSKA». In this case, the following outcomes: home win (A1), draw (X) and P2 (winning guests). Coefficients are: 1.58 (P1), 4.06 (A) and 5.31 (P2). Making the calculation — 1/1, 58 + 1/4, 06 + 1/5, we get 31 figure 1.067. This means that the figure is more than one bookmaker profit, which he founded.
For a player as the task is as follows. He finds the office, which will be the biggest factor on the same sporting event, you will need to calculate the number, the use of which accrual calculation is less than one, as well as using different strategies to withdraw its bid. Depends on this income player.

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PRINCIPLE of betting shops (part 1)

8Bookmakers in modern sport are essential. They stimulate interest in their various sports fans. With their help, any kind of sport is becoming more attractive. Currently, many online sportsbooks are a lot of space for gaming and betting stakes.
Bookmaker formed long ago, and has become a very profitable form of business. You can even compare to the stock exchanges, and profit compared with a profit of banks.
Most bookmakers are committed to carry out the analysis of sports, thus they determine who will be the winners, as well as factors for rates. Each bookie has a different way of analysis, a source of information, and they can attract independent analysts, and sometimes entire analytic group. As a result, the coefficients for the rate between the bookmakers are not the same. Thus, the fan has the chance to choose the office that will be favorable.
As mentioned above analysis was conducted using different methods. Someone do on the basis of mathematical mistakes, and some basis for taking assessment experts. In their results they use several options, and uses them as accurately as possible make their assumptions about the end of sporting events. Probability is no absolute and varies from 110 to 120%. Interest, which received more than one hundred percent of the so-called bookmaker profit (profit margin). For the sake of the interest they are working. Due to the fact that calculating precisely the possibility of victory is not possible, the bookmakers generally overestimate the alleged winners and underestimate him. This means that whatever the result, the bookmaker is always profit.

Plugs and sport part of the third. free sports predictions

7You managed to put down the fork, and you have made a profit of 1.5% of the bank. But the amount is not now in two offices, both initially, and in one. To continue to engage in this activity, you need to take half the money first at the expense of the electronic payment system, and then transfer them to another office. To your regret is that the commission of these operations exceeds all your income you received.
5. The rules of any bookmaker says that it can calculate any event at a rate of 1. If bookmakers realize that this game a lot of money to put down vilochnikov, then most likely it will. Therefore, even if you win, you can lose half your bank.
6. Many offices value their reputation and do not block the bill vilochnikov, they just cut their highs to the very minimum. This can happen at any time, and most likely you is not publicized. Here’s another chance for serious burn affix fork.
It seems that the above examples are sufficient to dispel the myth that the forks are risk-free, and win-win strategy. Receive a steady income from the game in the bookmakers and it may make a lot of people, but do not think that the key to a successful game on the surface.

Fork in the bookmakers — Fact or Fiction?

6It is quite ordinary situation, which sooner or later everyone realizes vilochnika. Bookmakers do not digest them, but at the same time do not block once. Vilochnikam give plenty enough of, to feel euphoria, raise the stakes, and only then block their accounts without the right to withdrawal. And bookmakers are right, because he has in the rules clearly stated that the people who will be seen in the activity, their money is not returned.
3. Following situation: you have a large amount of money, which is concentrated in two major firms that are loyal to vilochnikam. Ie you only need to be on time to make two bets. But the snag may show where you have not been waiting for. By putting in the same office the required amount of money in the other you can not because there is a limit on the maximum bet amount, which is much lower than you need to deliver.

Toll free forecasts on sports (football history part 5)

14By the beginning of the 20th century, soccer has become very popular in the world, and in 1904 was established the International Football Association, known as FIFA. In 1908, football became an Olympic sport.

In addition to men carried away with football and women. They also began to organize their teams, which angered men. In England in 1921, even banned women’s football. But thanks to the intercession of the Queen of the ban was soon lifted and today women’s soccer, as well as male, is included in the Olympic program.

Many of our contemporaries simply can not imagine life without your favorite games. After all, for many it is not just money, hobby or job, but also the meaning of life.

The advantage of online betting (sports clubbing) (part 1)

13Development of the Internet has caused many business areas to keep up with the times. More or less large companies are developing in this area, and transferred its business to the global network. Now you can through the Internet to make a purchase, buy drugs online pharmacy, book a hotel, buy train tickets, etc. Are not left behind and bookmakers, who have got their own Internet resources.
Many players give their preference to online betting, they do already, even those who have never put in real bookmakers. So what is the advantage of online betting?
Of course, access to offline rates have residents of Moscow and other megacities, the inhabitants of the regional centers. But what about those people who live in a small town with a population of 15,000 people? That online betting enable every citizen of our vast country to test themselves in the game at any time of the day or night.
In addition to the Internet, you will not be making bets in the office with low coefficients and with terrible service because other firms not around. Even if you live in a very distant hinterland, in the presence of the Internet you have the opportunity to bet in the world famous offices as Unibet and Bwin.
«Booth around the corner» does not give any guarantee to its players, it can at any time to fold or go under. On the Internet, you can register in those offices that have an excellent reputation and a lot of positive feedback from its customers.

The advantage of online betting (sports clubbing) (part 2)

You go to a stop, waiting for the bus, get off a bookmaker, defended the place to make a bet …. With online betting you only need to turn on your computer, connect online and learn more about bookmaker. Saving time and effort is obvious!
Bet you can do at home, at work, on the train through the mobile phone. No need to wait until the end of the day to do this, you can always open a site and BC bet.
Before your eyes will always be teams statistics, from which you will learn their shapes, the number of injured players, and other data that must be considered when projecting the game.
In addition, you can always compare the coefficients selected event with coefficients of other offices and to bet on the maximum value, it is all done in a matter of minutes.
The line width
Line some online firms are striking for its diversity. You can even find such specific championships, as the championship Malaysia or Singapore. Besides painting the online offices is much wider than in reality.
Only online office give bonuses on your first deposit, a tenth rate for express etc. Variety of bonuses is large and constantly updated. This is certainly not the determining criterion for choosing BC, but it is much nicer to play with the bonus.
The disadvantages of online office include detain payments. Usually required to pay up to three days. But after all of the benefits of this small minus seems quite trivial.
As you can understand, to bet on the Internet is much easier and more convenient. You save time, do not stand in line and do not depend on the cashier, who sometimes makes mistakes when filling out the receipt.

Bonuses betting that (part 1)

11More competition in the market forcing bookmakers to attract new players with bonuses, promotions and attractive offers. The more attractive bonuses, the more the players will be in the office and a part of them will remain in it for long. Heads betting companies understand this and therefore spare no means to attract new customers.
Bookmakers bonuses are the following types:
1. Deposit Bonus
For example, the office provides a 50 percent bonus on the first deposit to deposit. Normally, the maximum amount you can get is $ 50-100. In some offices this bonus up to $ 500.
2. Signup Bonus
Some offices offer a no deposit bonus for signing up. It is usually small, but you do not need to top up to try their hand at this office. If you’re lucky, you can bring the account balance to the minimum withdrawal amount and transfer the money to your e-wallet.
3. Free Bet
From time to time, many bookmakers give their customers a free bet. In this case, the conditions are negotiated rate (the rate for the main event, the coefficient above 2.5 etc.).
4. Risk-free rate
Practically the same thing as a free bet, but in this case you are putting your money. If a bet play, you get the win — if not, you will return the money that you have set.
5. Glasses

Sports predictions (football history part 4)

15In the early 19th century, it was decided to football in a sporting competition and to develop common rules for him. But the implementation of the project was delayed. In 1863, students from the town of Rugby created a game that used both hands and feet. So there was rugby. D.Fring in the same year proposed football rules, which became the basis of modern football and have not changed to this day.

The first match, held under these rules, was held in England in 1871, and a year later had first met in football opposing national teams of Scotland and England.

Paid forecasts on sports (football history part 3)

16But many football historians maintain that the first official meeting was held in the city of Derby, in the year 217. Local Celts then resisted the Romans. True game then little resembled modern soccer. So, to win, you need to hold the ball was kicked around town, to a certain place. Each team had more than two hundred people, and very often these matches ended in bloodshed and fighting.

Many famous people of the time believed football is very negative phenomenon, which leads to fights and quarrels even murder. As a result, King Edward the second in 1313 had to ban football in England. But people already love this game, so the ban was ignored. It was only when Richard the second, in 1389, threatened with death, ceased to play football. In 1603 the ban was lifted and football quickly regained his popularity. Rules of the game have changed many times, but the main goal (to drive the ball down to a certain place) remained unchanged.

Sportprognoz (football history part 2)

17Pharaohs of Egypt also enjoyed «play football.» This is confirmed found during excavations balls. At the same time, China enjoyed popularity similar to football games. They were called dzu nude, tsunami and Ju-chu chu. The ancient Romans played garpas-tup, the Greeks — in episkiros, garpanon and fed-nindu. The Japanese in the sixth century played kemari. All of these countries now see themselves as the progenitors of football.

But the official status of the motherland of football belongs to England. In 1862, in Sheffield, were formally adopted the first rules of the game. They, in particular, stated that on the field at the same time may be on the eleven men on each side. Home to the first football association is also England. In 1872, the first official football match.

Free forecasts for the sport (football history part 1)

1Football today — the most widespread game in the world, the number one sport. It is with great pleasure played by millions of children and adults around the world, and more people are football fans, who with his devotion to worry about your favorite team. But few know how it all started, as football was born, and how he became so popular. On this and this article will tell.

People since ancient times, and to learn how to throw a variety of round objects. Gradually, these activities have become a sort of game. Then this game has gained goal established by its rules, was divided into two teams playing. That’s what playing rubber ball Indians in South America.

Forecasts for sports Sport tips

imagesWe can not ignore the fact that in betting business of various scams as much as anywhere else. It is not recommended to «guide» to any attractive offers for the sale of match-fixing or other fee-based forecasts. All this is pure deception. Because the information about a possible «dogovornyake» worth a fortune, and not everyone can get it. A variety psevdoinformatory ask for their services, for example, pathetic 500 rubles. Mechanism of selling toll forecasts is quite simple. A man calling himself Capper has a specific audience that is ready to buy his alleged prediction. So, half of the users scammer says, for example, that the first team to win, and the remaining second victory assures the group. In the end, it seems that almost any result fraudster keep a certain group of individuals willing to continue to give him their money.

Forecasts for sports for free

18Winning bookmakers possible — it’s a fact. Moreover, it can depend on is not always out of luck. After all, such as betting on football to consider aspects such as the state of the team, their fatigue and physical fitness, injured players, etc. Rates «for good luck» should not do — the money will be more whole. Also, it should be a lot to think and analyze, weighing in his mind the possible scenarios. From this we can conclude that their knowledge of the world of sports to keep a high level and to be aware of many things. And most importantly — if you decide to make bets through bookmakers and under no circumstances should you lose concentration and yield to foolish gamble.

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