Paid forecasts on sports (football history part 3)

16But many football historians maintain that the first official meeting was held in the city of Derby, in the year 217. Local Celts then resisted the Romans. True game then little resembled modern soccer. So, to win, you need to hold the ball was kicked around town, to a certain place. Each team had more than two hundred people, and very often these matches ended in bloodshed and fighting.

Many famous people of the time believed football is very negative phenomenon, which leads to fights and quarrels even murder. As a result, King Edward the second in 1313 had to ban football in England. But people already love this game, so the ban was ignored. It was only when Richard the second, in 1389, threatened with death, ceased to play football. In 1603 the ban was lifted and football quickly regained his popularity. Rules of the game have changed many times, but the main goal (to drive the ball down to a certain place) remained unchanged.

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