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7You managed to put down the fork, and you have made a profit of 1.5% of the bank. But the amount is not now in two offices, both initially, and in one. To continue to engage in this activity, you need to take half the money first at the expense of the electronic payment system, and then transfer them to another office. To your regret is that the commission of these operations exceeds all your income you received.
5. The rules of any bookmaker says that it can calculate any event at a rate of 1. If bookmakers realize that this game a lot of money to put down vilochnikov, then most likely it will. Therefore, even if you win, you can lose half your bank.
6. Many offices value their reputation and do not block the bill vilochnikov, they just cut their highs to the very minimum. This can happen at any time, and most likely you is not publicized. Here’s another chance for serious burn affix fork.
It seems that the above examples are sufficient to dispel the myth that the forks are risk-free, and win-win strategy. Receive a steady income from the game in the bookmakers and it may make a lot of people, but do not think that the key to a successful game on the surface.

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