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How to choose a bicycle helmet (part 2)

Also, the choice should not stop only at specialized stores – for starters you should visit a supermarket where there is a given department, and if you do not already have anything you need to go there.

The fact is that cheap bicycle helmets are the same in both places, which can not be said for such recognized brands as Bell and MET. If we sum up a little:
• Look for a cheap helmet in the supermarket, and more expensive in specialized stores;
• When choosing a helmet, rely on its comfort (the way it “sits” on your head);
• The helmet should be quite large and cover both the forehead area (several centimeters above the eyebrows) and the back of the head entirely.

The bicycle helmet should sit in such a way that when fastening the strap and turning the head in different directions the helmet should not move with the head and the harness should not cause both discomfort and other unpleasant sensations.
The difference between bicycle helmets

There are three main types of bicycle helmets, which are classified according to the type of ride:
1. Designed for mountain and road biking, cross-country (best bike helmet for riding for beginners);
2. The so-called bowler (in it often go to BMX);
3. Full-face (for extreme cycling).

The choice should stop on the first option, because in this type of bicycle helmet ventilation is well thought out, and it will perfectly suit long-distance races, in addition, it is light.
The design of the cross-country helmet implies a visor that covers both the headlights and the sun’s rays or precipitations. In addition, removable protection for the jaw (or removable visor) may be present.

As for the second type – it is perfect for short, but slightly extreme trips, and the third – for professionals.
Full-face helmets are the most expensive, because they are made of more durable materials and have a more complex design, since their purpose is to protect in the most extreme situations when riding a bicycle (high speed, falling from a height and so on).

IMPORTANT! If you have already had an accident, and the foam plastic design of the helmet has cracked – immediately throw it away and purchase a new one.

The bottom line is that the protective properties of the helmet have been lost, and at the next fall, you or your child are at risk of injury. Do not forget about this point.
With an increase in the level of riding a bicycle, you can attach a rear-view mirror to the bicycle helmet, which is an essential bonus. Many fans of this sport enjoy this advantage of a bicycle helmet.
Especially, this “upgrade” is marked by people whose path often passes through the very violent road and traffic zone.

Buying a bicycle helmet for children
When choosing a bicycle helmet for children and adolescents, it must be borne in mind that they grow rapidly, so pay attention to more expensive models where there are more opportunities for regulation (with a head increase) or just buy a new one as a child grows up.
The choice of a bicycle helmet for children should be made in the same way (which is indicated above).

As a result, it should be noted that the choice should only focus on proven brands that will really help you in an emergency situation. The money issue should go into the background, since the priority is to preserve the life and health of a person who sits behind the wheel of a bicycle.

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