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How to choose a bicycle pump? (part 2)

What should you pay attention to?

In order to fully understand,how to choose a bicycle pump, you need to know, which parameters and characteristics you should look at first, namely:

1. Nipple configuration. The pump for highway and mountain biking should be SV-Presta. Racing models are fit with standard nipples AV-Shrander, DV-Dunlop.

2. The maximum possible pressure. Easy-riding bike models correspond to bicycle pumps, forcing 6-8 atm. Sport bikes – three atmospheres more (up to 11).

3. Material. If it is steel, the bicycle pump can last a long time, but it will be quite heavy. The aluminum alloy is light, but will not provide long service. Plastic ones are used to take with you on any trip.

4. Power supply. If a pump with an electric drive, pay attention, from where the power is supplied (a battery of 12 V or network of electric current of 220 V).

5. Pumping mode. If it is done in one pumping stroke, the performance will be lower. Models with double pumping stroke do not have such a drawback and pump when the piston moves in any direction.

6. Quality of assembly. All parts must be perfectly matched. No gaps, loosening, looseness in work are unacceptable

7. Certification and marking. Check the completeness of the delivery and purchase a bicycle pump only if it is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer with a well-established reputation.

Additional parameters you need to pay attention to

1. The bicycle pump, if it is convenient, has a T-shaped handle.

2. A fastening unit is present. By attaching the pump to the frame, you will always have it at hand.

3. A manometer is present. A built-in pressure-measuring device eliminates the need to carry it in addition. It’s convenient.

4. Universaladapters. It is good, if the bicycle pump comes complete with adapters for different types of nipples.

5. Support-stand. Having the opportunity to fix the pump with your foot will speed up the pumping process and reduce the effort that you will need to make.

6. The shape and color can be any. Only personal preferences matter here.

7. Dimensions and weight. These parameters are also important.

8. The presence of an anther will save you from an early failure when operating under the extreme conditions. Moisture protection is also necessary.

9. And once again, double pumping stroke. A pump for a bicycle with this function will work twice as fast with the same effort.

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