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How to choose a bicycle pump? (part 3)

Rating of the best bicycle pumps equipped with a hose

After the assessment of the leading representatives of the bicycle pumps forpower, productivity and functionality,the top threewere identified:

1. SKS Rookie XL – power. This bicycle pump is suitable for different types of nipples. Material – durable plastic. Lightweight and an additional strap attachment available to the frame, what eliminates the possibility of loss during the trip.

2. TOPEAK Road Morph G – efficiency. The material is aluminum. It is made of a profile with various thickness of walls. Weight 2200 grams. Mounting by frame.

3. SksAirkompressor – functional. The form is a steel tube. Built-in manometer is available. Suitable for any nipples (including the automobile ones). Perfect price / quality ratio. Reliable, durable, unpretentious.

These types are equipped with a folding handle in the shape of “T” and a hose for the convenient use.

Rating of compact models of bicycle pumps

1. The first place in the category “wear resistance” – BBB WindGun S alu 250mm (BMP-57). The weight is minimal; the material of the case is aluminum. Compact dimensions, type of manometer – built-in. High performance in its class

2. The first place in the nomination “durability” – AAP FATTY SM AUTHOR. The manometer is available, the type of device is telescopic, equipped with a valve preventing contamination and dust and moisture ingress into the working chamber.

3. The first place among thefunctional ones is GIUPO GP-040S. The device type is manual. The manometer is linear. Suitable for pumping of wheels with different radius. Housing material – aluminum.

Now you know how to choose a bicycle pumpfrom plenty of offers and capabilities. Enjoy the quality products and enjoy the ride.

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