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How to choose a bicycle pump?

Bicycle pumps are devices that allow pumping tires and shock absorbers and maintaining the necessary pressure in them. When purchasing a bicycle pump, you will need to choose from variety of models. The market represents lots of options, differing in price and design.

Of course, everyone wants to buy a bicycle pump, which has outstanding parameters and durability.

Naturally, it should be convenient to use. And, the question of how to choose a bicycle pump is the key one.

Design and operating principle

The device operates on a piston principle. It consists of two knobs. When air moves to the upper extreme point, it is is sucked into the inside of the formed inner tire. The return stroke pushes it through the nipple. This is how the tires and shock absorbers are pumped.
The following operations are realized by means of bicycle pumps:

• regulation of pressure by means of a manometer;
• installation of the device in the fixture on the frame of the bicycle;
• achievement of convenience when pumping through a hose and by a handle in the shape of “T”;
• dustproof device with an anther;
• illumination in the absence of lighting.

All these options are available in every modern bicycle pump.

Rules for choosing a bicycle pump
The list of defining parameters is as follows.

1. Device type – portable pump for a bicycle. It is convenient to carry this device with you. Negative qualities – low productivity. Relatively short period of operation.

2. Pump type – stationary. High performance. Durable. Cons – cumbersome, not suitable for transportation during riding.

3. Universal bicycle pump. Suitable for tires and shock absorbers. Not too reliable, pumping is tedious due to poor performance.

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