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How to choose a bicycle T-shirt (part 2)


Some representatives of the strong half of humanity do not like the bright coloring of the cycling clothing. They prefer to ride in wearing a singlet than this “clown” outfit. However, the choice of bright colors is not accidental. Such design of bicycle T-shirts allows you to be seen by other drivers and riders, both during the day and at night.

In addition, at the moment there is a variety of models with original design, which do not contain bright colors, but are clearly visible in the dark. Some of them look brutal enough, so tough guys can find the right options.

To ensure better visibility at night, T-shirts have reflective elements. This is a mandatory condition for safety for any cycling clothing. In many developed countries for the lack of such elements, even pedestrians are penalized. So, to preserve your own life, you can find a compromise, choosing not bright, but at the same time, noticeable coloring of clothes.

How to choose a bicycle T-shirt?

The choice of cycling clothing primarily depends on the conditions and time of the year in which you plan to use it. If trips will take place on cold days, you need to find a T-shirt with more dense material. Make sure the back and neck are securely closed. Sleeves must be long.

When choosing a bike, be sure to check it while riding a bicycle. If you are comfortable in a vertical position, this does not mean that in the saddle with arms outstretched you will not feel any discomfort.

For a summer ride, choose a jersey with short sleeves and less dense material. However, it is better to buy models with detachable sleeves. Buy quality clothes in trusted stores, otherwise even the most dense polyester can not cope with its functions.

And the last factor that influences the choice is the coloring. The good thing is that the T-shirt market has a huge variety of different designs. According to the recommendations of the special agencies investigating road accidents, the safest and most noticeable colors on the highway are yellow and orange.

Should I buy a jersey?

The answer will depend on how often you ride a bike and how much you like cycling. If you move slowly and mainly in the warm season, then you can do without special clothes for the cold season.

Those who ride with a backpack behind their backs will not use the back pockets on the T-shirt and worry about aerodynamics, since the bag behind the shoulders increases the air resistance. For those who are not keen on fast and extreme riding, and therefore do not make much effort, it is not particularly important whether the material passes moisture or not.
Still, some get a special cycling suit simply because they take their hobby seriously, although they drive slowly and calmly.

Therefore, everyone can decide for themselves. But for the fans of bike extreme and long-distance high-speed trips, jersey is absolutely necessary.

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