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How to choose a bicycle T-shirt

Experienced cyclists who spend more than a dozen hours riding their iron horse each year know that every little thing needs to be taken into account to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. And it’s not just about preparing a bike.

If you spend a lot of time riding a bicycle, you will need a special cycling suit that will make traveling more comfortable and maintain your health.

Features of bicycle T-shirts

One of the main elements of the cyclist uniform is a jersey or a special T-shirt for cycling. It differs from conventional T-shirts by a number of parameters:
• Material;
• Cut;
• Color.


Bicycle T-shirts are made of polyester or Lycra. These materials ensure the following:

• Maintain heat;
• Prevent the formation of moisture during sweating;
• Protect from wind and sunlight.

In the long journey, the cyclist has to face a prolonged exposure to heat and wind. This combination often leads to discomfort when riding and even illnesses, because as a sweated bike rider, blown by the wind, you can freeze and catch a cold.

Polyester promotes rapid evaporation of moisture, providing dryness and heat. This not only preserves the health of the cyclist, but also allows you not to experience discomfort throughout the road in all weather conditions.

Most of the T-shirts for cycling are tight. Due to the tight fit of clothing to the body, the effect of heat preservation increases.


Although certain cycling T-shirts sit freely on a person, most models are tight. This is necessary not only to provide comfort, but also to maintain speed.
Bicycle T-shirt with long sleeves

This cut allows you to improve the aerodynamic properties and reduce air resistance. Because of this, a high speed is achieved while riding, and the cyclist spends less effort for acceleration.

Non-adjacent T-shirts are used mainly for extreme riding, where freedom of action and quick reaction are important.

Jerseys have a sturdy collar and an elongated back. This is necessary to protect the neck and waist from wind and sun. In addition, T-shirts for cycling are wider in shoulders. This feature of the cut ensures comfortable steering with arms outstretched and a tilted body while riding.

Bicycle T-shirts come with short and long sleeves. On certain models, long sleeves are unfastened. This is very convenient, because such clothes can be used in any weather. To quickly put on a tight-fitting T-shirt, the models are provided with zippers. They can be partial and in full length.

Various items in pockets of shorts or sports pants make it difficult to pedal comfortably, and you do not want to take a backpack for the sake of keys, phone and purse. Therefore, bicycle T-shirts are equipped with convenient pockets located behind. Such a design does not create air resistance and also allows you to quickly and smoothly get to the desired part.

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