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How to choose bicycle pedals

The bicycle pedals are a relatively small part of the bike, but very important and should be approached very responsibly. Many even do not know that there is a huge variety of different models of pedals with different devices and features.
From what pedals will stand on the bike, will depend not only on the level of comfort, but also the efficiency of pedaling.

Despite this, for many it remains a mystery how to choose right the bicycle pedals.

Why is the choice of pedals for a bicycle so important?

Before buying the pedals for oneself, a bicyclist must precisely determine the style and frequency of riding.
For example, professionals or advanced amateurs can already prepare to cash out for contact pedals with bicycle loops, and beginners they will not only be useless, but they can even create discomfort.

If you are an amateur and you ride only in the city, then you should choose the usual foot pedals, and not the contact pedals, since the latter can be also traumatic for an amateur in urban conditions.

On the other hand, buying the cheapest pedals is not also worth it. The fact is that they are likely to be of poor quality and will be very inconvenient.

Certainly, you should not go for a distant bike journey on small cheap plastic pedals. In addition, these pedals will simply spoil the appearance of the entire bike.


Before you choose a suitable bicycle pedals, you need to understand a little bit about what types of pedals are out there.
Basically, it all depends on the material and the purpose of the pedals.

Stock plastic pedals

If you come to the bike store today and look at bikes cheaper than 15 thousand rubles, then most likely, it will be small black nondescript plastic pedals.
It can not be said that these are bad pedals, because for small trips a couple of times a week, provided they are not aggressive riding, they will fit just right.
However, you should be prepared that when you hit a curb, a root, a stone or something else, you’ll immediately have to go to the store for new pedals, and you should not buy the same ones.
In general, these pedals are suitable only for beginners and only for the first time. Sooner or later, but most likely early, they will have to be changed.

Platform pedals

Such pedals are usually called foot pedals. Unlike the previous ones, they are made of metal, they are more qualitative and will last much longer.
The price for them can reach several thousand rubles, and professional platform pedals for extreme sports can cost more than ten thousand rubles.
Shoes with a similar sole – the best option for riding on the food pedals

They have a larger area, which makes them more convenient and allows you to evenly distribute the load on the foot. In addition, they have metal spikes or at least an aggressive protector, which provides good grip on the shoes.

With these pedals you can ride at least in ordinary sandals, but it is better to use sneakers with a hard and flat sole.

You can buy special professional shoes for food pedals, but you should be prepared that it you will have to pay for them more.

It turns out that such pedals are an ideal option for amateurs who do not need contact pedals.
Aluminum foot pedals with proper care will be able to serve more than one ten thousand kilometers.
One type of platform pedals are folding pedals.
Their name speaks for itself. They are very simple and they save extra space. This option is perfect for amateurs who carry their bike in the trunk of the car.

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