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How to choose bicycle shorts. What are the advantages.

What are the advantages of bicycle shorts

The main advantage of the bicycle shorts is the prevention of rubbing between the legs and softening the ride when hitting the hummocks or suddenly getting into holes. But you also need to properly pick up your saddle to your anatomy, because if the saddle is initially with bad geometry and poor fillers, there are no bicycle underpants and gel pads that will not improve the saddle.
Bicycle shorts, as a rule, are sewn from several pieces of fabric. The more parts of the fabric were used in the manufacture, the more the curved shape can be seen as a result.
Usually, all the best models are embroidered from eight pieces. In any case, it does not matter from how many parts the shorts are made, the most important thing is if they have a correct fit on your waist (not lower, or higher), and also nothing should be squashed.

If you are inconvenienced by the seams in the perineum, note that at this stage of the time there are seamless bicycle shorts manufactured.

Differences between male and female bicycle shorts

Both women and men in principle can wear cycling shorts, sewn on the same pattern, starting from the hip and below.

But, here we can observe one feature: significant differences in the waistline. Bicycle shorts for women for a thin and long waist should be specific fit shape.
Many female representatives prefer shortened trousers, which can not be said of men.
Therefore, men’s cycling shorts must be sewn, so that the quadriceps is closed by the leg.
But in fact, all people have different sizes, and men’s shorts or women’s big role does not play.
Take, for example, a lush woman – she obviously does not fit shortened trousers, so it will be better to choose a male type of cycling short, which will be more comfortable.

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