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How to choose bicycle shorts

Cycling outfit is a constant topic for reasoning and discussion. And, when the warm weather comes, people start to talk about even more. Right as soon as warm weather comes, the sun peeps out, all the professional cyclists and amateurs just go take their “iron horses” and go ahead, conquer the vast of their native city.

Many wonder if it is worth buying all the outfits for cycling, or you can get by with your usual sports uniform, whether you need bicycle shorts or a bicycle shirt along with bicycle gloves and bicycle shoes, etc.

When the question becomes about the choice of the bicycle shorts, there are many controversial arguments: which ones to choose, how to choose the size and many other issues of interest to athletes. It is more difficult to choose bicycle shorts than any other cycling clothing and therefore, when you will get acquainted with the material in detail, you will learn: how to choose bicycle shorts, and in this article we will talk about their unmistakable acquisition.

The main obstacle is the Lycra, which strongly tightens the legs of the cyclist, making the appearance of the athlete slightly ridiculous. Therefore, people who are very shy about tight clothes, if, for example, they see colleagues at work or just ordinary people passing them by, it’s worth taking bike-shorts only for riding. If you are a man without complexes, then you will not be embarrassed by such a trifle.

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