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How to choose The diameter of the wheel

The diameter of the wheel is also calculated in inch measurement; this should be an accurate calculation, since the wheels are taken under rubber tires with a radius measurement.

ET – disc radius – the gap between the vertical planes of symmetry of the wheel and the mounting surface of the disk to the sleeve.

The calculation formula: ET = a-6/2
a – the gap between the inner plane and the attachment point to the sleeve;
b – the width of the disk (all calculated in millimeters).
How to choose a quality product
Basically, bikes with the cast disks are produced by brand companies; it is better to buy such a model in a certified store with mandatory verification of the quality certificate.

Replacing wheels on an old bike is also not very difficult; the main thing is to carefully choose the necessary parameters and additional parts for installation.

When choosing, it should be remembered that the discs can be aluminum, carbon and fiberglass, but the cost will be significantly different from the classics.
Dimensions of bicycle discs
Modern cast wheels can be of the following sizes: 20; 24; 26; 27; 27.5; 28; 29 and 36 inches.
20-inch wheels used to be installed only on children’s bikes.

Recently, due to the popularity of folding bikes, the size has reached the rank of an adult bicycle. For example, BMX is basically equipped with a 20-inch wheel.
24-inch cast disk – with this size used to be equipped with conventional classic wheels for Salute and Stork, now it’s the main size for freeride fans.
26-inch – the most popular size of the wheels, city and classic bikes used to be equipped with it, the trend of use has survived until now.
27-inch – the perfect classic for a highway bike. Its size was the standard indicator of bicycle racing “Tour de France” (Le Tour de France).
27.5-inch size is an intermediate option for mountain bikes. The scale went on sale only in 2013.
28-inch – a hybrid, suitable for urban transport, and for travel on dirt roads. Previously, disks of this plan were installed in Ukraine.

29-inch – a kind of bicycle wheels for mountain trips, is considered a premium class, has high cross-country ability and the best roll-up.
The 36-inch disk is an innovative design with impressive dimensions. Ensures absolute grip on wet rocky or slippery roads.
Disks: 27; 28; 29 inches with one diameter, in these modifications only the thickness of the tire is taken into account.

Features of using the cast wheels

The service life of the product is largely dependent on the care of them. To preserve the factory coating, it is recommended to clean the discs from dirt and dust.
When cleaning, use only specialized products for the care of products made from aluminum (or carbon, etc.) alloy.
When cleaning, do not use aggressive products containing a solvent or acid. These detergents can cause not only an external defect, but also damage the fixation and coating of the disc.
After washing, the discs should be dried and polished with wax; this manipulation will extend the life of the wheels.
If even a minimal crack or cleavage occurs, it is better to immediately take measures for self-repair or professional repair and putty of the product in order to avoid corrosion.
Cast wheels can not be treated with steam with pressure; this will lead to the appearance of stains and the destruction of the factory luster.
Autumn-spring weather with a lot of mud puddles can damage the alloy wheels; if possible, it’s better to replace them with the classic version of disks with spokes.

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