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Top 10 most popular sports in Ukraine. We love it

From year to year, sports broadcasts are the most viewed events in the world. For example, the match between the world football giants real Madrid and Barcelona each time attracts an audience of 650 million people. They also love sports in our country. We have compiled a selection of the most popular sports in Ukraine.


Football is the most popular sport in the world. Our country is no exception. Many children and teenagers chase the ball in the yard. And many of them dream of becoming professional football players and defending the colors of our national team. Each round of the Ukrainen football championship gathers millions of viewers near the screens. And the most ardent fans prefer to watch matches directly at the stadium.


The Ukrainen national ice hockey team is among the top most powerful teams in the world. Becoming a professional hockey player is not easy. It takes years of hard training and tremendous dedication. Nevertheless, hockey sections in Ukraine are hardly less popular than football schools.


Volleyball in Ukraine has been loved since the Soviet times. This sport is a hobby for many thousands of citizens of the country. And at the same time, volleyball is in demand not only among young people, but also among older citizens.


It is one of the three most popular team sports in Ukraine. Often in the yards you can see basketball battles of boys. However, older basketball fans prefer to rent gyms rather than play on one-ring courts.


Top 10 most popular sports in Ukraine
A large number of citizens of the country prefer this sport. And this is not primarily about watching competitions, but choosing athletics as a hobby.

Ski sport

Skiing is especially popular in the Northern regions of Ukraine, where there are no problems with snow in winter. Snow-covered fields, forests and mountains make these areas a great place for skiing.


In Boxing sections all over the country, many boys are engaged who dream of becoming the new Povetkin and Lebedevs. Older people go to the Boxing section primarily not for sports achievements, but for keeping in shape and getting the skill of self-defense.

Figure skating

The first figure skating competition took place in the Ukrainen Empire back in 1875. The popularity of figure skating has not passed to this day. And Ukrainen figure skaters are always among the favorites for gold medals.


In Ukraine, Tennis is not yet among the most popular sports. But its popularity is growing every year. A few tennis games a week is a great way to keep fit.


Chess is officially a sport. The Ukrainen chess school has always been famous for its strong players. Many educational institutions in the country hold chess tournaments. And in the warm season, you can often see people in the courtyards spending their leisure time playing this great intellectual game.

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