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How to choose bicycle shorts. Types of bicycle shorts

Bicycle shorts with a diaper

Bicycle shorts with a diaper are currently sewed from synthetic materials, and not the way they were made from suede in the past. But this is for the better, because synthetics absorb moisture better, it does not crack, which can not boast of a natural material that does not have such properties and as a result causes more discomfort.
But here, of course, a very important criteria is the very quality of the synthetic diaper.

The best for use is a one-piece bicycle diaper, quickly absorbing moisture, having an average thickness.
Pads that have seams or different grooves may be suitable for some, and some can cause great discomfort; so when choosing such, one must be carefully fit them on.

Do not take bicycle shorts with thick pads or gel diapers!

Bicycle shorts with or without straps

In men – to have their male body immobile while driving standing, which is very convenient, but there is also a minus: it takes a little harder to cope with straps.
And women usually choose panties without straps, since they have nothing to fix, and if necessary, removing the bike-maker will also cause certain inconveniences and take up time.

Bicycle shorts with straps at a cost are usually more expensive than those in which they are absent.
Useful option of bicycle shorts – the presence of a reticule. The retucule on them will be very handy, especially in summer, in hot weather. Provide a comfortable walk on the bike with a breeze. A mesh on the sides of the shorts will ensure proper blowing of the lower part of your body.

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