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Watch the English FA Cup online

The English FA Cup is one of major competitions of the season in English football. It is the first and thus the oldest football contest in the world. This competition attracts millions of football supporters in the UK and worldwide.
There was no unified set of rules of football until the 1860s. The Football Association, the first organisation concerning football, was founded in 1863 in England, and introduced rules for modern game. It was decided to establish the competition for all the English teams.
The history of the FA Cup started in the 1871-1872 season, when it was held for the first time. The cup is an annual competition with a knockout system.
More than 700 teams take part in this contest. Almost every English town and village is represented in the cup. It is a chance for the smallest teams to play against top teams from the English Premier League. Wembley Stadium, a major sports stadium in the United Kingdom, is the venue, where the cup final is played. This event holds millions of supporters at the stadium or at home, those who watch it online. The cup’s winner gets an opportunity to represent England in UEFA Europa League.

The current cup holder is Arsenal, having won the final match with a 4-0 defeat against Aston Villa. This win has been the second consecutive title for the club. Arsenal holds a record for winning the tournament for 12 times. Another outstanding team in the FA Cup is Manchester United. It has become the winner of the trophy for 11 times. Their most recent win was, when they beat Millwall with a 3-0 score, in the 2003-2004 season. Ashley Cole, a former Arsenal and Chelsea player, has won the cup for a record 7 times.

If you are a fan of English football, the English Cup is definitely the competition to watch. You can keep an eye on this tournament watching the English FA Cup online on Ball-control. Every match of the cup is highlighted and provided for you.

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